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Pattern Digger finds and filters text across multiple files and folders. It is possible to perform full-text search or
scan for special notes inside any text file or source code.
It is very fast in searching for several sets of words in hundreds of files. You can filter, preview and export with ease.

Pattern Digger captures and displays the vital bits of information about the surrounding context. With Pattern Digger you are always into the right file and line, having a global overview and easy access to information related to the searched word or phrase. All this makes it very easy for you to inspect the context of a match.

Personal assistant for managing source code comments

Pattern Digger gives you easy access to all the specific words left in thousands of strings and hundreds of files a project contains.

The app. will list every occurrence of a word, phrase, or comment, so you can easily review, sort and prioritize the occurrences on the list.

Pattern Digger monitors files and updates while you work

Pattern Digger will detect all the changes inside the project folder, as you work, recursively within an entire directory tree.

Add or delete notes, move or rename files, interface will update accordingly.

Custom search phrases, search inside of comments only or full-text

You are free to add as many words as you want to list your own, custom notes.

Simply specify the words you want to find and the app takes care of the rest.

Choose to examine the comments in source code or perform full-text search across the project files.

Press Space to go directly to the right file and position

Quick Preview highlights syntax in source code and jumps right to the selected note.

The application is keyboard-friendly which makes navigation between search results easy.

Path control helps you to quickly open the directory containing the file or you can double click the table row to open the file in any text editor.

Exclusion rules with export to a text file

You can exclude files with specific extensions or completely exclude certain folders from a search.

The search results can be filtered by using the search fields, which will filter the results instantly, making it easier for you to track down the word you're looking for.

The export function will honor the currently active filters, so you can export the filtered results to a text file.

Display and review annotations across multiple folders

Pattern Digger displays everything around a whole project or a single file.

The matching count and the list of all files that contain the notes.

Quick editor helps you to quickly change the file, launch custom text editor, or just review all the results in a single file.

When words are not enough and IDE won't let you save a picture as a comment.

Write simple markdown inside a comment line like:
// TODO ![Use Case Sequence Diagram](../../Documentation/Networking.png)
Pattern Digger will automatically parse out markdown and display the image when you take a quick preview (Space key).
The text will stay clean and easy to read while Pattern Digger will recognize the image link and display it appropriately.

The same thing is valid for markdown links. They will be extracted and clickable inside the results table row.



Should I buy through FastSpring store, or via the Mac App Store ?

In order to make the latest version available to all users at the same time, without limitations, Pattern Digger includes Mac App Store license migration. If you bought the app. from the Mac App Store, direct build/demo version will unlock and you can get immediate updates.

To adopt sandboxing rules the Mac App Store version has several differences:

How to unlock demo version if you bought the app. from the Mac App Store ?

Minimum system requirements

Mac OS X 10.7+