Photo Light - Lightweight fast image viewer for macOS (Discontinued)

There is several photo management software for macOS. I used to use Aperture to manage my photo collection but since Apple discontinued Aperture for quite a while now, I have struggled to find a macOS app suitable for my requirements.
That was my motivation to write Photo Light.

Major requirements were:
Folder based app, so I'd never need to export end reorganize my photos if an app ceases to exist.
Fast browsing and rendering. I remember Aperture being very fast when browsing images but with time it slowed down significantly, basically image loading killed the browsing experience.
RAW formats support.

In Photo Light an image loading is terminated as soon as you select another photo so you can go through big images as quickly as possible. Image previews are generated in the background, cached for future use and whenever possible embedded previews are used to speed up the process.
Photo Light provides fast image rendering and manipulation using Metal.
The interface is simple and customizable so you can focus on the photos.