Sit Up Straight Beta2 (macOS)

Sit Up Straight helps you to improve your posture while you work at your desk. If you start to slouch, a transparent colored overlay appears on the screen to remind you to sit up straight. The reminder stays active until you correct your posture then it disappears automatically.

The app uses Mac’s camera to set up and assess your posture. Once you set up a "baseline" posture, the app analyzes your posture and displays it in the form of a stick figure in menu bar.
You can score your posture over time keeping track of your success.

With three different modes available, you can choose between:
Live - The camera constantly tracks your posture over time.
Custom Intervals - Setting up time intervals, from when to when the tracking should be active (e.g. every 2 minutes)
Manual - Quickly trigger a posture check with a system wide shortcut or from the menu bar

Sit Up Straight can be disabled or paused at any time and there are various settings (alert sound, reminder color/opacity, time intervals ...) to better control the desired behavior.

Once apps built with the Swift 4 toolchain are allowed in AppStore, it'll be available on the Mac AppStore.

Until then, here is a beta version for macOS 10.10+


Tip: Hold ALT while menu is open to display time to next check (when using custom intervals)

Please feel free to send a feedback or report any bugs you find.