Boat HUD is simple-to-use speedometer and weather report application. It displays current speed, heading, distance travelled and weather conditions based on your location. (According to current location, Boat HUD will download the latest weather report from NOAA weather service). App. will let you know about temperature, pressure, wind direction and velocity. To visualize wind impact, wind indicators show the direction of the wind with regards to your heading, true and apparent wind. There are more than a few speedometers for the iPhone out there, but Boat HUD is about simplicity and readability, providing the necessary information about the course, speed, anchor position and weather.

Anchor alarm
Lets you set and monitor your position relative to an anchor point. If your current position strays too far from that set point, an alert will sound.

Route Player
Route Player gives you the ability to replay any journey you previously saved. Just like watching a movie, you can start, stop, pause, and change the speed of the journey replay.

Real time GPS position tracking.
Boatroute is a free service that allows you to track your position online in real time. Enable location sharing in Boat HUD app. and you can share your current position and route with friends. To see latest random route go to

Units of measurement
You can choose which units of measurement is used to display data for distance, wind velocity and speed.


  • Speedometer and weather report for current location
  • According to user's location, Boat HUD will download latest weather report from NOAA weather service.
  • Anchor alarm
  • Route player
  • Speed graph
  • Acceleration graph
  • Map view with location tracking, showing the route travelled
  • Wind direction and velocity display
  • The wind arrow shows the direction of the wind with regards to user's heading
  • Apparent wind direction/speed
  • Support for online real-time GPS tracking
  • Air temperature and barometric pressure
  • Sunrise/sunset time display
  • Moon phase for current location
  • Distance traveled display since timer has started
  • Units selection: MPH, KM/H, °C, °F, hPa, inHg
  • Customizable data colors to improve readability for better day and night vision


  • i-Marine Apps - "Boat HUD is a great little app that was apparently created by a sailor or boater. The app works well on the water but can be used in any vehicle that you might be traveling in …"