Going open source with Open ATC

Official project website is oatc.io Idea is to keep Swift modules cross-platform compatible (Linux, OS X and iOS) while the client apps probably won't be. I've played with NanoVG, tested cross platform GUIs, but currently it isn't a priority. Along with the core modules, I'll give my best to

Notbloko (macOS)

I've been using Notational Velocity for a long time to take care of my notes. I like the idea of single text-entry used for both creating and searching content. I wrote my version in Swift with some features I needed for my use. You can read more about the app

Two-way binding. Interstellar FRP - Cocoa

A small experiment how to two-way bind a String property to a NSTextField. References: Interstellar How to use Functional Reactive Programming without Black Magic - Slide num. 40 var observableKey: UInt8 = 0 extension NSTextField: NSTextFieldDelegate { // text is a readonly property (proxy). We create an observable string when text property is

Create Ubuntu 14.04 docker image with the latest Swift preview snapshot

Short tutorial if you need a quick way to test Swift code on Linux. First, you need to download the latest available Swift preview from: https://swift.org/download/ (currently it's https://swift.org/builds/swift-3.0-preview-6/ubuntu1404/swift-3.0-PREVIEW-6/swift-3.0-PREVIEW-6-ubuntu14.04.tar.gz) Download Docker for Mac from