Sit Up Straight

Sit Up Straight helps you to maintain a proper posture while working on computer. If you start to slouch, an overlay with sound will remind you to correct your posture. The reminder will stay active until you correct your posture then it will disappear automatically. The app uses Mac’s

Going open source with Open ATC

Official project website is Idea is to keep Swift modules cross-platform compatible (Linux, OS X and iOS) while the client apps probably won't be. I've played with NanoVG, tested cross platform GUIs, but currently it isn't a priority. Along with the core modules, I'll give my best to

Notbloko (macOS)

I've been using Notational Velocity for a long time to take care of my notes. I like the idea of single text-entry used for both creating and searching content. I wrote my version in Swift with some features I needed for my use. You can read more about the app