Lisk Statistic (Web)

I've read about decentralized blockchain apps and platforms recently. Lisk got my attention. I'm trying to learn more about stock market, but I found real-time market stats changing to fast for me too read :) In order to provide myself some time to study the patterns I started a project which

Sit Up Straight (macOS)

Sit Up Straight helps you to maintain a proper posture while working on computer. If you start to slouch, an overlay with sound will remind you to correct your posture. The reminder will stay active until you correct your posture then it will disappear automatically. The app uses Mac’s

Open ATC

Cross-platform compatible (Linux, OS X and iOS) air traffic simulator. The source code and sample applications are available under GPL-3.0 license and can be downloaded from Github It was fun to prototype different ideas, play with modular design but it hasn't attracted too much attention.