Designing ATC RDR Exercises Using Familiar Tools

Can we use the tools we're used to at the workplace (QDM, SEP, drag and drop...) to create an ATC RDR exercise? Can we iterate on the exercise design without having to switch context between a text editor and a simulator; have real-time situation overview and instant feedback whole time - Experiment with Blockchain and IPFS

Chain Story is a web application which leverages IPFS and Lisk blockchain to permanently link a pixel art to an author's blockchain address. By using decentralized and distributed technology a permanent link is created ensuring the authenticity of the submitted work. Once submitted, a drawing is saved to IPFS, generating

Photo Light - Lightweight fast image viewer for macOS

There is several photo management software for macOS. I used to use Aperture to manage my photo collection but since Apple discontinued Aperture for quite a while now, I have struggled to find a macOS app suitable for my requirements. That was my motivation to write Photo Light. Major requirements

SQL on Lisk blockchain via Lisk Docker and Adminer

Lisk Explorer is a great tool to view information stored on the Lisk blockchain, but in order to inspect the blockchain data in more detail we'll run SQL queries on Lisk blockchain database. By querying the database directly, more information can be extracted and the queries can be customized to

Sit Up Straight (macOS) 7-day trial

I have recently received several requests for demo version of 'Sit Up Straight' app. If you want to try the app before buying, you can download a 7-day trial version here. If you would like to read more about 'Sit Up Straight' app, please check out this link. For any

How to install Lisk node on testnet

This article is on how to install and run Lisk delegate node on testnet, on Digitalocean Ubuntu 16.04 droplet. It should help you to set up a new delegate node as easy as possible while still being secure and stable. Before starting I assume you are already familiar with

Pay with Lisk Prototype

This is a prototype code exploring how to integrate LSK crypto payments to a webservice. The server side uses Kitura framework and Lisk API serving a client app written with React. WebSocket API is used for bi-directional communication between the server and the client. Demo: Your browser does not support