NEWS: Due to lack of time and updates I decided to discontinue GT5 Friend XL. GT5 Friend XL was paid version of GT5 Friend app. I didn't want to convert free version to paid and in order to cover server costs I made additional version with web part. The paid version was the same as free with support of web app. The price of the XL version was a very small fraction of server costs but I didn't want to shut it down due to existing users. The server part will continue to work for existing users. Thank you for being part of the journey. Free version will continue to exist but I can't promise further updates. Existing users can sign in here

Collect and Search Cars

Preview Complete list of premium and standard cars in Gran Turismo 5, with cars technical data and specification (manufacturer, year, power, weight...). You can track the number of cars you own. Car list is searchable and sortable by various criteria:

Manufacturer, name, year, power, weight, drive type, country, quantity.

Simply tap to mark vehicle you own or just scroll through the list to learn more about each vehicle.

Track and Search Events

Preview SpanningContains complete list of A-Spec, B-Spec and Special events.
You can track your progress by marking event trophies. Events lists are searchable by name or required level. Use the list to track your way through the entire game.

Track and Search Trophies

Preview CrossroadsContains a complete trophy list for Gran Turismo 5. Easy checklist feature for marking trophies you've earned. Simply tap trophy icon to mark/unmark.

User reviews

This app is great, it also saves trees. With list of cars to track and trophies. It's a great to show off to friends. I recommend for people who are into GT hardcore., Soviet beer from USA, on App Store.

Für alle die süchtigen GT 5 Freaks ein super App. Es hilft den Überblick zu bewahren, vor allem bei der Vielzahl an Fahrzeugen (+1000), den Doppellaut zu vermeiden. Es unterscheidet zwischen Premium und Standard, beinhaltet die wichtigsten Daten die wir GT5ler alle brauchen um auch unterwegs damit zu prahlen wie gut man ist ;-)., HV_69 from Deutschland, on App Store.