Coinpricegame is a weekly Lisk price prediction challenge. The winners are those whose predictions are closest to Lisk price at the end of the week.


The 3 closest predictions win.
One prediction per transaction, the price must be unique.
Predictions must be placed at least 24 hours before the end date.
The winning price is determined according to Lisk's price on Bittrex at midnight on the end date.

How to participate?

Send 1 LSK to 6300871565689347639L.
Copy transaction ID of the transaction from Lisk Nano.
Enter your prediction in USD and the transaction ID.

What’s to win?

1st prize 60% of the Pools Fund.
2nd prize 25% of the Pools Fund.
3rd prize 10% of the Pools Fund.

Pools Fund is the total amount of Lisk raised from all submitted predictions.
Reward payouts will be paid out to winner accounts automatically on the next day.

The source code is available at GitHub: server app, client app.