Lisk Statistic (Web)

I've read about decentralized blockchain apps and platforms recently. Lisk got my attention. I'm trying to learn more about stock market, but I found real-time market stats changing to fast for me too read :) In order to provide myself some time to study the patterns I started a project which pulls Lisk data from an exchange API, stores it on a server, and created a front-end app which helps me to analyze the data.

I want to filter out small transactions in order to see bigger buy/sell orders, check what orders have affected price the most, have longer market history, be able to sort orders and history tables by clicking a header...
Also, bitcoin numbers for Lisk values are with too many decimals for me so I adjusted the presentation towards displaying the values in USD and customized chart presentation to display RSI and MACD.
There are sliders below order book and market history so I can set minimum threshold for the order book and market history tables.

The project is open source, consisting of two parts:
1. Backend app written in Swift, using Kitura - Source
2. Front-end app with React/Bootstrap - Source

Be advised the page won't refresh automatically, you can refresh the page in your browser for the latest data.
I'll write more in detail how to setup back-end and front-end on your own server in the next post.