• Click to see the interface in action

  • Display only what you really need to know.

  • Customize Insider layout to best fit your workflow.

  • Get visual search results, native Mac feel.

  • Full screen support.

  • File preview by Quick Look directly from the application.

Notice to the App Store customers running Insider version 1.1

New update 1.1.1 is now available to all customers on the App Store. It fixes the issue where some Spotlight results won't appear when searching for files/folders using "files and folders" and "folders only" filters. To easily update to Insider 1.1.1, simply use your Mac App Store app.

Find text across multiple folders

Insider helps you to find files and folders or specific text within them, combining Spotlight with Unix Find and Grep search tools. It will search any set of directories that match your search criteria. The search is recursive including all subdirectories.

Search inside a particular folder and its subfolders

The search is performed realtime, without the need for indexing, and can be limited to particular folder. Use search options to narrow down the results or use regular expressions to pinpoint your search. Filter results by file extensions to search only for particular file types.

Save your searches and reuse them later

If you regularly search for certain items, save time by saving your searches. Organize your queries for later reuse. Create own predefined library of search criteria and use it to easily find i.e files containing email addresses, phone numbers, web links and so on.

Tag. Keep your filesystem more organized

Quickly assign tags to files or folders by entering keywords (with auto-completion), or drag-and-drop recent tags from the tag cloud.
Tags are searchable by Spotlight or any other application which supports OpenMeta. Item can have as many tags as you want, don't be stuck with rigid file folder hierarchies.

Preview directly. Full screen support

It’s easy to preview matching results. You can view the document's contents in Cover view or Text preview - where all matching instances of the search word are highlighted. Also, Mac QuickLook feature is fully supported - simply hit the space bar and selected file will expand to give you a sneak peak.

Easily accessible, integrated in Finder

Insider provides "Insider with Path" service, the search can be started directly from Finder.
It is possible to drag files from the result list to any application or dock icon.
Sort, move or preview
- even while the search is in progress. Insider is designed with speed and ease of use in mind to get the information without fiddling with a complicated UI.


  • Single window workflow
  • Customizable 3-column layout
  • Cover view
  • Table view
  • Quick Look
  • Spotlight support
  • Text preview, highlighting matches
  • Multithreading keeps UI responsive
  • Full screen support


  • Search multiple locations
  • No indexing required, independent of Spotlight
  • Supports any text file - plain text, source code, HTML, .rtf files
  • Supports wildcards and regular expressions
  • Sort results by name, size, path, word frequency
  • Filter results by file extension, type
  • Find case insensitive, invisible files and folders
  • Saved searches
  • Recent searches


  • Tag files or folders
  • Tags are searchable by Spotlight
  • Recent tags
  • Tag autocomplete
  • Drag and drop tags


  • Mac OS Service support
  • Drag files from Insider to any other application
  • Drop a folder onto a search field to set it as search location
  • Contextual menu for different actions
  • Multiple searches at once

System Requirements

  • An Intel based Mac
  • Mac OS X v10.7 or later