Posts in OS X

Sit Up Straight (macOS)(Discontinued)

Sit Up Straight helps you to maintain a proper posture while working on computer. If you start to slouch, an overlay with sound will remind you to correct your posture. The reminder will stay active until you correct your posture then it will disappear automatically. The app uses Mac’s

Notbloko (macOS)(Discontinued)

I've been using Notational Velocity for a long time to take care of my notes. I like the idea of single text-entry used for both creating and searching content. I wrote my version in Swift with some features I needed for my use. You can read more about the app

Effect Stack (OS X)(Discontinued)

Effect Stack is now available at the Mac App Store. Effect Stack is a non-destructive image editor which lets you combine image filters and save the combinations as presets that can be reused later. It offers an extensive library of image filters and immediate visual feedback. If you want to

Pattern Digger (OS X)(Discontinued)

Pattern Digger is a Mac application which finds and filters text across multiple files and folders. It is very fast in searching for several sets of words in hundreds of files. Pattern Digger captures and displays the vital bits of information about the surrounding context providing a global overview and

Insider (OS X)(Discontinued)

Insider is a practical single-window OS X application which enables easy searching for information inside files and folders, and documents themselves. Coded with speed in mind in order to get the information as fast as possible without fiddling with the UI. It helps you to save, filter and tag files